Exile Server Rules

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HSDWG Server Rules

1 If you need a admin please join Discord and look for CDN_Medic, Hunterh22, Apolloman or LtDan. Before doing so please read the following rules. Assistance will be in English only.

2 Do not build in towns or military bases. Military bases are any military outpost that has 2 or more buildings. Violating these rules will result in your flag being deleted without warning. If your not sure come ask a admin before placing your flag.

3 Flags can be protected anyway you see fit.

4 Territory Protection money is Due every 14 days. I SUGGEST PAYING IT EVERY 11 days. Not paying will result in your base being deleted and loss of everything contained within it including all contents of your virtual garage. This sucks but it is a part of exile!

5 Flags that are stolen – you have 3 days to pay the ransom or again your flag, base and all contents are deleted.

6 Racist remarks, sexist remarks, or any remarks made in poor taste will receive 1 warning. After that you will receive a 24 hour Ban AT MINIMUM, this may be longer and is AT SOLE DISCRETION OF ADMINS.

7 The trader zone is a safe zone. No camping the trader. No stealing vehicles from the trader unless the vehicle has been left past restart, vehicles left at the trader will unlock after restart. Stealing of crates from the trader will result in all money on your person being removed, all the money in your bank being removed and the total being given to the original owner of the crate, plus a 24 hour ban. Second offence will result in a permanent ban!

8 Impersonating Admins will get you a 24 hour ban, second offences will be longer etc etc.

9 Using the tags of HSDWG without being a member with result in a instant permanent ban without warning or discussion. THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE THE HSDWG TAGS ARE GENERALS!

10 Duping, glitching, cheating will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The punishment if caught will be swift and severe. HSDWG has zero tolerance for any form of cheating.

11 Vehicles that have not been used OR brought out of Virtual Garage will be auto deleted after 30 days of NON USE.

12 This server is PVP as well as PVE. Dont cry if you die…. go hunt them down and make em pay! 13 Vehicles will only be replaced if video link to a youtube video is posted in our discord showing a ARMA Bug. NO VIDEO = NO REPLACEMENT!!!


In general, HSDWG is about good games. However, we have a low tolerance for BS.

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