About Us

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Half Snapped Drunks With Guns has been around since 2001, originating on Microsoft Network’s “The Gaming Zone”, playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, advancing into Tom Clancy’s R6 : Ravenshield, Battlefield 1942 and the following series of Battlefield games after that. We have had our ups and downs as have any clan in the gaming realm, but we’ve never let anything destroy our core belief, and that is to have fun. HSDWG utilizes Valve’s Steam Desktop Application for game management and instant messaging as well as Discord for voice communication. HSDWG was originally formed by CDN_Medic ( Formally “Bandit”), TnA, Streak, Geezer, Aries and our late and sorely missed brother Natas. We have made many friends over the years, some of our leaders have moved on as have some of our members but they have all remained family and stayed in contact. HSDWG is an adult clan comprised of members all over the age of 18 with the extremely rare case of allowing a younger member within the ranks.

HSDWG current Council is CDN_Medic, Apollo (former My_BBGun), Darklord and Hunter. The current council has over 50 yrs combined in HSDWG Council.